What Are the Best Countries for Americans Who Want to Live Abroad?

What Are the Best Countries for Americans Who Want to Live Abroad?

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Are you considering migrating to a different country? It's a fantasy for many individuals with wanderlust, but millions of Americans are really doing it, according to the State Department. Uprooting is no longer as difficult as it once was, and because to globalization, frequent flier miles, and the rising flexibility of working remotely, it's now easier than ever to do so. Moving abroad may appeal to just about anybody with a YOLO attitude, whether you're a Gen Z entrepreneur, a family travelling for a new profession, or a future retiree trying to make the most of their golden years.

While there are many nations to select from for your new home, we've whittled down dordle this list of the best countries for expats by focusing on characteristics like safety, friendliness, quality of life, cultural and outdoor activities. Two additional crucial aspects to consider in your search are work-life balance and cost of living.

Work-Life Balance

In today's connected world, you may find yourself working longer hours to stay in touch with colleagues and clients in other time zones. This might lead to feelings of isolation and exhaustion. You should choose a country that permits you to strike a healthy and productive work-life balance. Look into coworking spaces, community events, clubs, gyms, and serotonin-inducing activities like jogging groups, cooking classes, and language courses, which may all help you stay in balance and interact with locals and other expats.

Costs of Living

When considering a move abroad, the cost of living is a critical, if not the most essential, factor to consider. This wide term encompasses not just housing prices, but also health-care costs, taxes and tax breaks, transportation costs, and pricing for products like the internet, food, shopping, dining, and even your daily cup of coffee. If money is a concern, go beyond the country's major city and capital to smaller cities and emerging innovation clusters, where you could find lower prices and, depending on your choices, a superior quality of life.


The trendsetting country to the west of Spain continues to attract young expats, particularly entrepreneurs, due to its cheap cost of living and welcoming business incentives. The most common port of call is Lisbon, but Porto, a hub of creative activity as well as an industrial and textile center, is also worth considering. On a day off, explore the city's steep, cobblestone streets, which are dotted with chic cafés, old churches, and port distilleries. You may also take a boat excursion through Europe's oldest wine region, the Douro Valley, or ride your bike to a succession of beaches.

Braga, Portugal's third largest city, is less than an hour's drive from Porto and, like Porto, offers a reduced tax rate for new businesses. Braga, dubbed "Portugal's Rome" for its Baroque architecture, also boasts attractive park spaces, international schools, and high-tech firms for qualified workers. Further south is the Algarve coast, which has around 330 sunny days per year and seaside Comporta, which is home to many affluent expat families. You might also consider the Azores' nine low-cost islands, some of which may provide incentives to attract businesses and start-ups. No matter where you travel, you'll have a hard time finding a prettier, more English-speaking nation to call home than Portugal.

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