Top ways to make your business online during COVID-19

Top ways to make your business online during COVID-19

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The covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for all the sectors.  The worst-hit amongst them are the sex workers.  Traditionally this has involved body touch and a personal meeting between the client and a hooker.  Knowing the dangers it involves customers had stopped visiting or calling over the escorts. With the onslaught of Covid-19 came lockdown and the question of mere survival got bigger for the sex workers.

The Internet has changed the way how people in various fields used to work.  Similar is the case with escorts and homosexual companionship providers. By shifting the entire area of operations online, escorts have ensured safety and good earnings in the troubled time of covid-19:

There are various other ways than traditional sex by which independent models can earn.  Usage of the internet and telephony by many Pennsylvania female escorts and female couple escorts around the USA and the world has solved their major problem of survival and livelihood.

Adult Social media- make a profile on adult social media platforms, and try approaching clients through it.  It is safe and offers privacy after building trust with the prospective customer, an escort can book a meeting keeping all the Covid-19 safety protocols in mind.

Cam fun- many customers agree for a hot video chat and Tit show in exchange for a pre-agreed amount.  As due to complete lockdown personal meeting is not possible.  The fun of watching a female escort playing with huge melons and fingering on demand helps the customer to jerk off in peace at his place.

Nude exchange-  This is also a good way for escorts to earn during the lockdown, contacting customers through social media and then selling semi to complete nude pics at a lucrative price, it can also go to the extent of sending a video clip of self-pleasure to the customer, for him to see and enjoy.

Live Sex- the fetish of certain customers goes to the extent of watching an escort perform with a partner. On-demand and time flexibility of both the parties' live sex shows can be booked and an escort can have fun with her Boyfriend/Girlfriend and let the customer gaze through the camera.

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usbabes travel blog images

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